About Us

Physical exercise is a sure method to enhance quality of life and longevity. The one thing people need to achieve good exercise results is quality exercise equipment available just like the exercise and strength training machines offered by Shandong MBH fitness company, ltd. MBH always strives to offer our customers good fitness equipment available at reasonable prices!

MBH, an abbreviation of Shandong MBH Fitness Co., Ltd., has consistently grown and evolved and today, we have developed a modern 86,000 square meters manufacturing workshop with great production equipment and good production techniques, a laboratory center with complete testing equipment and decent testing techniques, an R&D team with over thirty staff, including engineers, industrial designer, and body mechanical professionals, a thoughtful sales team, as well as continually upgrading products. All of these attributes adding up to an annual output of 130,000 sets of fitness equipment that is thoroughly inspected and tested and priced very competitively for an overall good value to clients!

MBH has earned a respected reputation in the Chinese fitness equipment industry. Not only does MBH own an important position in the domestic market, we have also exported our fitness equipment to almost 100 countries, gaining a strong foothold in overseas markets.