MBH operates a 6,600 square meters machining workshop, outfitted with good production equipment like, TRUMPF’s laser tube cutting machine, featuring fine machining, stable operation and attractive cutting edge, a CNC tube bending machine, enjoying a machining angle of 0.01 degree and spring back function; Haas’s automatic machining center as well as Detron’s vertical machining center . With this machinery, fitness equipment with better quality is produced.

MBH’s welding workshop covers an area of 6,200 square meters, equipped with decent welding robots from FANUC, OTC, and YASKAWA, which makes high-speed, fine welding a snap. Meanwhile, in our welding workshop, our welding line is utilized for better welding effect and higher welding efficiency.

Fully automatic shot blasting technology is also involved in MBH fitness equipment’s production, which provides a qualified surface treatment, achieving an environmentally-friendly, efficient and energy-saving coating. In this workshop, professional technicians are responsible for both the self-checking and mutual checking, thus a correct pre-assembly is completed.

MBH offers a comprehensive collection of fitness equipment products, whose assembly is completed by several assembly lines. Each of them is responsible for a certain number of products, so well-organized assembly could be realized. MBH Fitness’s strength training machine assembly workshop covers an area of 800 square meters. These production lines occupy a crucial effect towards the quality of our finished products. So it is designed with easy operation, well organized production and reduced production cycle.

Both our Indoor Cycling bike and commercial treadmill’s assembly is divided into two parts, one of the pre-assembly line, responsible for the assembly of components, and the the other the main assembly line. Staff operating on these assembly lines are responsible for different tasks. Meanwhile, in these lines, materials’ automatic delivery, in-line assembly, checking and packaging are all completed, thus stable operation and high working efficiency of our fitness equipment is achieved.